How to Be a Writer (part 2)

I am really trying to make a go at this writing thing.  And, as I stated in my earlier post, “How to Be a Writer,” one of the most important things to do is simply to write, and to write often.  This is what all the “greats” say to do.


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I have been fortunate lately to have a few blocks of time in which to write, relatively uninterrupted (which, as a mother of 6, means that I am interrupted roughly every 7 minutes).  But I am learning to take bits of time, when they present themselves, and use them to pursue this goal.

But what is a writer to do when she feels that all she can write is junk?  Write it anyway, I suppose.  That’s what they say to do.  Maybe she has to get the “junk” out of the way before she is able to tap into the deeper layers.

Anyway, I think I am going to start writing everything.  If I get into a disagreement with a family member, I will try to write about it from his or her perspective instead of my own.  If I see an interesting object in the store or in a museum, I may try to make up a background story,  or simply describe it as best I can.

And I am going to continue reading the advice of the “greats.”  I mean, even their little lists of writing advice sound more poetic and impacting than my most heartfelt paragraphs at the moment.  Then again, I suppose that’s what makes them “great.”



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