Overthinking it

The other day I spent 2 hours composing a blog post that might be read by five people…and I stress might.  This is crazy.

I say I want to be a writer, but I spend more time editing myself than simply writing what comes to mind.

Please tell me I am not alone.  Why do we overthink the “small stuff” and often overlook the “big stuff”?  I think it is often because we are afraid of the big things.  They are overwhelming and daunting at times.  And if we spend our time pondering the small things, then really, there is no harm done if it turns out we were wrong.  But the big things?  The life-changing things?  These are the things that we avoid.

However, in avoiding these things, we are still addressing them…we are just doing it in a passive way.  For example, if I avoid sitting down with H.R. to talk about my retirement plan (because it seems like such a big scary thing to do), it is the same thing as making a decision not to save.  Same thing goes for job hunting, going back to school, pursuing a dream, etc.  Not addressing it is the same thing as deciding not to do it.

I have to remind myself of this all the time, especially when I am overthinking blog posts.  Now, pardon me I need to go address an issue that is not exactly life-changing…rather it is “diaper-changing.”


2 thoughts on “Overthinking it

  1. In a word, YES. I got so frustrated yesterday and had to take a time out because I had four kids yelling at me for different things, and that precious moment of clarity… An epiphany… Of something that inspired me to write presented itself. And I couldn’t stop what I was doing with them long enough to jot down some kind of memory jogger… And now it’s lost to me. It was a fantastic, self-revelation… And I wanted to explore it… And now its buried itself back inside of the cacophony of my mind. Trying to hold on.

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