My First “Rock Star”

As promised, I am starting my new “Rock Star” segment.  These are friends I know who are doing great stuff in their lives in one area or another.  They might not be rich or famous (yet), but they will all be fabulous examples of people who are out there making their dreams become a reality.

My first “Rock Star” is a gal I met through an online writing workshop that I took back in the Fall.  It was geared towards moms who want to make writing a bigger part of their lives.  Well, Heather McCoubrey was  ahead of the game, having already published her first novel, To Love Twice.  She has recently completed her second manuscript and is deep in the trenches of the editing process.Couple at Big Ben after sunset

Heather has become a friend of mine on Facebook and on Goodreads.  I love that, in the midst of mothering, she is finding time to write and knock out completed novels (this, being a goal of my own!)

She also happens to be a New England Patriots Fan, so I knew she and I would get along splendidly!  (We consoled each other heartily after Denver handed them, as my husband put it, a good old-fashioned “butt-whooping” in the playoffs.)

I digress.  I hope you will take a minute to check out Heather’s work by clicking on the link.


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