Did ya miss me?

Boy I was on a roll there at the end of last month. I was working on a few different short stories and I was posting to my blog on a fairly regular basis.

So what happened?

I went on vacation. To New York City.  For the Super Bowl.

For the days prior to the game, I thought I would have all the time in the world while hanging out in a swanky hotel lobby, sipping lattes and answering to no one but myself (oh and my husband…yeah he was there too).

But a funny thing happens when I am not under a deadline or under the pressures of children’s schedules. Time has a way of slipping by as I sit back and drink in my surroundings, watch people bustle about on errands, and finally let my mind slow down for a bit.

Even though I enjoy writing very much, I didn’t do any of it while on vacation.  I was kind of beating myself up over it for a few days after I got back.  “How could you squander your time like that? You are never going to get those hours back,” I told myself.  And that is true.  I will never have those hours back.  But I do not, for a moment, regret how I spent those hours.

Had I spent all that time buried in my computer, I would not have been able to take in the atmosphere and energy of the city. Would I rather be holed up in a teensy hotel room 25 stories above Times Square writing about the experience, or would I rather be down on the street, marveling at the stories-high advertisements, watching yellow cabs weave in and out of traffic, listening to police officers confidently directing traffic, breathing in the salty-sweet scent of roasting nuts, tasting the crispy, cheesy perfection of a slice of New York pizza, and enjoying the company of my husband and brother and sister-in-law?  Of course, I chose the latter.

Although the Super Bowl is “old news” by now, I have some thoughts that I plan to share about the experience over the next few posts.  One thing I will say here: if you ever have the opportunity to attend a Super Bowl, do it. My husband is a huge football fan. I am not. But the experience was out of this world, and I would go back in a heartbeat (as long as someone else foots the bill 🙂 ).

So, now I am back to reality, and I plan to get back on my blogging and writing schedule. Maybe my next post will be about how my husband’s suitcase almost took out one of the Seahawks’ players in the lobby of the hotel.


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