Wasting Time

I have a confession to make. I waste time.

I suppose if you follow me on Facebook or on Twitter, this is not news to you.

But yes, as a busy Army wife and mother to 6 active kids, I somehow manage to fritter away a part-time job’s worth of hours every week.

Oh, it’s not for lack of trying. I have purchased, downloaded, printed, and listened to all sorts of books, techniques, tips and tricks from leaders, authors, and gurus of time management. (Getting Things Done, 168 Hours, Flylady, just to name a few) Why, I could probably write a best-seller on time management. It’s the follow-through that always gets me.

Here’s the thing. I find myself having snippets of time in my day that would allow me to make progress toward my goals, were I to take advantage of them. But I usually end up walking around the living room, kitchen, and laundry room trying to decide how I should use these spare 15 minutes. Should I write a blog post (like I am doing right now), start that new book I’ve been wanting to read, or make some headway on the scarf I have been crocheting for 2 months now?

And by the time I make a decision, 12 minutes have passed, and I am right back to feeling harried, frustrated, and angry with myself for not having made any headway…so I just surf Facebook for the next 3 minutes until I have to wake the children from their naps and go drive carpool.

I would love to have a solution to this craziness. When I look back at how I have spent my time, I feel that I spend at least an hour or two in completely wasted time. This adds up over weeks and months.

And with preschoolers at home, and teenagers about to leave for college, my time is precious.  I don’t want to waste another minute.

Please tell me I am not alone!

(Now please excuse me…I hear there is a really cute video of a puppy and a horse that I need to go watch.)

I would love to know what has worked successfully for other people.  What techniques or tips do you use on a regular basis that help you to keep on track, accomplish goals, and take advantage of those snippets of time that occasionally present themselves?



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