Sick…and thankful

It is 11:30am. I am still in bed. This is crazy. I normally get up at 5am or earlier.

But, I am sick.  And wouldn’t you know it, we have a crazy weekend, hubby is out of town, and the “Littles” are restless.

I really shouldn’t be sitting here.  I am not THAT sick…just a cold coming on really.  But oh my, it feels so good to do nothing for a few hours.


I am so fortunate to have amazing teenagers who step up and take charge when needed.  Over the years they have learned to prepare meals, watch their little siblings, and take care of the household.  Now, I can’t say that everything runs completely smoothly.  Far from it.  But I have the luxury of relaxing a bit and letting them handle the basics while I indulge in some much-needed rest.

So, yes, I am sick.  Yes, I hate it.  But yes, I am extremely grateful for my amazing teenagers who, contrary to what society tells us about adolescents, make my life unbelievable full and much easier.

(Well crap, now they’re fighting…I really do have to get out of bed now.  Sigh.)


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