Soooo, how are those resolutions?

Ummm, what?

Yeah, resolutions. Those made-to-be-broken promises that we all announced so proudly back in January. Remember those?

Me neither.

I made some lofty writing goals and even promised myself that I would use less Facebook, waste less time, eat better, exercise more, and recognize birthdays better. (As I said that last one, I just realized my niece’s birthday was 3 days ago…ugh!)

Well, I have fallen quite short of all of them (as I knew I would). But I have good reasons (don’t we all?)

No, I will not sit here and outline how hard it has been since my husband had to go on a 2 month trip for work or how I have been sick for nearly two weeks or how we have had a crazy number of snow days. I won’t bore you with all that. That would be rationalization.

And I know you don’t care about why I haven’t kept my resolutions. You are busy trying to remember what your resolutions were (and if you are one of those rare people who has kept her resolutions, lost 20 lbs, hasn’t touched social media, and has gotten her house in perfect order, I’m not talking to you. As a matter of fact, why are you even reading this?)

But I will say that it is time to reexamine our goals. I don’t want another year to pass and end up kicking myself for not doing what I said I would do. I want to see concrete proof that my work is producing results.

So I am taking some time today to review my resolutions and make a realistic plan. My husband always says “plan your work and work your plan.” Well, that quote doesn’t take into account the things that you can’t plan (illness, emergencies, changes in other people’s schedules, Mother Nature, etc.) But it’s a good starting place. And nothing says we can’t adjust our plans as needed.

Just don’t throw genuine goals out the window completely. That is when “failure” occurs.

Allow yourself to look back at the promises you made yourself last month. If you need to tweak them, allow yourself to do so. Don’t get mired in self-destructive talk and self-defeat.

Rather, give yourself permission to examine what is working and that which needs changing.

And do it.


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