It is just after 6am on a Saturday morning. I have been up for about half an hour. The house is a mess from this crazy week. Hubby is out of town on TDY(military term for business trip). Among all of us, we have two basketball games, a hockey practice, a mission trip dinner, a babysitting job, and tons of homework to do this weekend. Plus, the Littles (my term for my 3 youngest children) need my attention. Oh, and in an hour I have to drive to Annapolis (over an hour away) to pick up my daughter from a college visit. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Then I think about Tiffany.

Tiffany is a friend of mine from high school.  We were both military brats and shared many of the same values and beliefs. And we both married Army Aviators (who even flew the same type of aircraft for a while). We weren’t extremely close, but we were friendly. We haven’t seen each other or talked other than on Facebook since our graduation over 20 years ago.

So what does Tiffany have to do with my busy weekend?

Reading her Facebook updates has put my crazy few weeks and this weekend into perspective.

Tiffany is currently stuck in Ukraine. Yes, Ukraine. You know…the country that has been all over the news lately with buildings burning from riots, protestors clashing with police, 77 people having been killed and many more injured just a few days ago. My sweet, petite, polite Southern American friend is there.

She and her family (husband and 3 other children) are in the process of adopting a teenage boy, and the process has been forestalled by the current situation. They are awaiting one  set of legal documents so that they can proceed with getting another set of legal documents in order to bring him home. But, as you can imagine, the chaos of the current situation is causing major delay.

Meanwhile, Tiffany waits, prays, and does her best to communicate with her family back in the States. I can’t imagine what any of them is going through. She must be frightened and lonely. Dom (her son) must be grieved to see his home country blowing up like this. Her husband must be worried sick (as a Soldier, you expect to be the one to go into war zones…you don’t ever expect your spouse to be the one who is there). And her other children must miss her terribly.

But in the midst of all this, Tiffany just wants God to be glorified. I think her faith must be much stronger than mine. While my faith in God is strong and secure, I have never been tested the way she is being tested right now. She has asked for fervent prayers over this situation, and I am happy to oblige.

So, while I am fretting about having to drive an hour to go pick up my daughter from a fun weekend visit to a college and then handle all the stuff I “have to do” this weekend, Tiffany is half a world away from her family, missing important events (like her husband’s Change of Charter…which is a very big deal in the military world), simply trying to stay calm, patient, and safe, and continue to bond with her son.

That kind of puts things in perspective.

If you would like to follow Tiffany’s story, you can go to Facebook and like  her page

If you would like to learn more about what is going on in the Ukraine, I found this article to be helpful:


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