God’s Perfect Timing

God has perfect timing. I hear this all the time.

Often, it is very hard to believe, and I have been going through a season of doubt lately.

Whether or not you share my belief in God, I think you can agree that things seem to happen at the perfect moment. Now that does not mean that things always go our way, or that nothing ever goes wrong.

Just last week, my car broke down while my husband was out of town and I had a neighbor who needed me to drive carpool because she had the stomach flu. Needless to say, I had to let her down, I had to keep my kids home from school, and I had to have roadside assistance come out and get me to a dealership. I spent $800 and the whole day at the dealership (I was supposed to be at home cleaning in order to prepare for a photo shoot for the next day!)

It was a stressful time, to say the least. And I still cant figure out what exactly God’s timing had to do with this incident (other than it gave me something to write about).

But in the overall scope of life, God works out timing to accomplish His goals in our lives. The question I often ask is, what about my goals? I feel that God has placed certain goals on my heart and I can’t figure out how or when He expects me to work toward them.

Then, when I am really in the depths of despair, something happens.

I had missed Mass 2 out of the last 3 weeks. I know, I know. For a devout Catholic, this is a HUGE “no-no.” I was tempted to stay home again yesterday. But there was no good “reason” to stay home. No one was sick, there were no other activities going on, and we were all up in plenty of time. So, off to Mass we went.

As I expected, the Littles were restless and did not behave very well. I had to take the 2-year-old out and walk around in the entryway with her. While there, I saw a table with brochures for an upcoming talk.

I couldn’t believe it. One of my FAVORITE authors (Matthew Kelly)was coming to our area THIS MONTH. He is a dynamic speaker/author who writes both Catholic and secular books about seeking one’s purpose and passion. These are the very things I have been struggling with lately, and the focus of this blog.

Eventually, I would love to do what he does…write and help other people find out their passions and how to accomplish their goals in accordance with God’s will.

So, you better believe I whipped out the checkbook and bought my ticket. I informed my teens that they would be babysitting for me that night, and went home with this ticket in my purse, and a renewed sense of hope in my heart.


I’m not naïve enough to think that this is the answer to all my questions. But it was enough of a boost to get me through, and to renew my strength.

Between this little “coincidence” and yesterday’s gospel reading (Matthew 6:24-34) God’s timing really is perfect.


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