Bucket List (Part 1)

Do you have a “Bucket List”?

Ever since the 2007 hit movie by the same name helped us to face the reality of our mortality, many of us have started creating “Bucket Lists”…lists of things that we want to do in our lives before we “kick the bucket.”

I love this idea. Giving yourself permission to dream, just as when you were a child and the responsibilities and challenges of adult life had not yet made their appearance in your life, is a freeing experience. I think everyone should create a bucket list, if for no other reason than to get these things out of one’s head and onto paper. Commonalities will emerge and you will likely find themes that tell you what is truly important to you.

I do think we have to keep things in perspective, though. Chances are, you will not accomplish everything on your bucket list. That does not mean that you should be unsatisfied or feel that your life has somehow been lacking. As a matter of fact, I hope you don’t accomplish everything on your list. If you do, then what exactly are you saying? “Ok, it’s time for me to die now”? I certainly hope not. I hope that your mind and heart continue to dream until the day that God calls you home.

With that all said, I decided to start my own bucket list here for the world to see. Some of these things will be silly. Some will be outlandish. And this list will by no means be complete (hence the title, Part 1).

So, here it is:

1.  Run a marathon

2.  Visit Asia

3.  Visit Australia

4.  Visit South America

5.  Visit Africa

6.  Work with an organization that fights human trafficking

7.  Run a successful business

8.  Get carpal tunnel surgery

9.  Learn to play guitar

10. Learn to play piano

11.  Compete in a fitness contest

12. Write a novel

13. Write a bestselling novel

14. Make money as a writer

15. Pay off all debt

16. Buy a ranch in Idaho

17. Learn to hunt (not just “go hunting”, but really learn)

18. Maintain a productive vegetable garden

19. Put my kids through college

20. Learn to fly an airplane

I will add more periodically, but for now I have to go wake my kids and get them going or #19 will never happen!

Have a great day and start making your bucket list TODAY!



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