Motherhood…it’s the “why” behind what I do

When I started this blog, I intended for it to be about pursuing goals, chasing dreams, and ultimately the buzz phrase “living one’s best life.” I am passionate about this type of thing. Reading and learning about goal-setting and encouraging others (especially other moms) to pursue their passions is FUN for me. And I will continue to write about these topics.

But in my posts I have neglected one very important subject. That is motherhood. Now, I mention it here and there in passing. And because motherhood is such an all-encompassing part of who I am, I often forget to think about it as a specific subject for study and discussion. (And frankly, because it IS so much a part of who I am, I like having this blog as my little corner of the world that is about something other than “being a mom”.)

Plus, there are SO MANY “mommy blogs” out there, that I don’t feel I have a lot to add in this particular area. As a matter of fact, I will link to a few of my favorites at the end of this post.

Yet, I would be remiss to leave out any mention of my kids or my vocation as a wife and mother.

When it comes to dreaming, there doesn’t have to be a specific reason why something strikes you as interesting or exciting. Some things just seem like fun, or seem important. But once you decide to actually follow a dream, and transform it from a dream into a goal, you will need an overriding purpose to get you through. Even the most rewarding pursuits have moments of boredom, frustration, and difficulty that you must overcome. And without a purpose, you will find yourself giving up on said goal.

1014155_10151776761864379_707375419_nThe “why” behind my “what.”

In a book I just finished, the reader is asked to send out a questionnaire to friends and family asking several questions about how they see the individual… “If you didn’t know me, what would you see me doing for a living?” “Two words to describe me.” Etc.

When I did this exercise, I received many interesting responses. But the one that touched me most was the answer to the question “What do you see as my driving force?”

Without fail, everyone answered  “Your family.”

Now realize that I have often struggled with the idea of being “just a mom.” I have no idea why…my own mother gave me the greatest gift by being a stay-at-home-mom, and I feel that it is more accepted in today’s society then it was, say in the 80’s, when women were really trying to push into the male-dominated work force. I grew up understanding the importance of motherhood, but I also had this nagging feeling of wanting to do something “more.” And that feeling still haunts me.

But doing something “more” is icing on the cake. (Eating icing alone might be fun and yummy at first, but it soon makes you feel sick. But eating a slice of delicious cake with just the right amount of icing to highlight the flavors and texture can turn a bland dessert into a memorable delicacy.) My husband and kids are the “WHY” in my life.

The late First Lady Jackie Kennedy once said “If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do well matters very much.” (Now I know…it is tempting to think “Well, that’s easy for her to say…she had all kinds of help and money.” Yes. She did. But that doesn’t take away from the truth of her words.)

I have a lot of goals that I would like to achieve before I die. But the reason behind every one of these goals has to do with either providing for my family, helping to enrich my family’s collective life, and/or simply being here for my family.

In the future, I will try to include a few more posts about motherhood in general…after all, this blog is called “When MOM Grows Up,” not just “When Sadie Grows Up.” And my hope is that I can encourage other moms to pursue their goals without losing sight of their families as well.

Until then, have a look at some of the following blogs for support and a few laughs:

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