Moving = No Recent Blog Posts…Please Bear With Me!

This “getting ready to move” business is really getting in the way of my writing, and it’s kind of starting to tick me off.

Now, I know, if it was really THAT important to me, I would MAKE time for it. I would PRIORITIZE. I would SACRIFICE.


If you are a military family, especially one with multiple children and 20 years worth of “stuff” to separate, organize, donate, and sell (to make sure you don’t go over your allowed weight limit), you know how all-encompassing the moving process can be. Oh, and THIS time, I have to add in the fact that I am doing the move sans husband…yep, he had to report almost two months early, so the kids and I will be joining him after school gets out. A friend posted this picture on Facebook…I think it about sums up my feelings:


  • Some things cannot fall by the wayside such as the field trips, science projects, school plays, state championships, final exams, and other craziness that accompanies the end of the school year.  The kids sacrifice enough as it is for this military life that their father and I have embraced,, so we try to make their activities a priority.


(My son,  all made up for his debut in the 8th Grade Shakespeare Festival at his school. Disclaimer: He was reluctant for me to take this picture. And he wants it known that he does NOT wear makeup…LOL)

  • Working out (at least minimally) cannot take a back seat. It is too important to my sanity.  I haven’t done much lately, but I have to keep up some level of physical activity or I become the Wicked Witch of the West and  I feel like this:


  • I get little enough sleep as it is…”sleeping in” on the weekends means getting up sometime after 6am.
  • I have not spent any time with friends lately, and have actually had to break a couple of lunch dates due to impossible schedules. But I am fortunate enough to have friends who seem to understand.

So, the one other thing I could let go of was my writing and blogging.  God willing, I will get better about it again soon.

Until then, please pray for me, because remember:




2 thoughts on “Moving = No Recent Blog Posts…Please Bear With Me!

  1. I feel your pain, i had to do a few moves without the husband and they certainly are a challenge especially with kids. I do hope you have a smooth move and stay sane through it all. A little wine will help 😉

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