Who are the “Greats”?

It’s probably not a big shock that I have never been a huge Oprah Winfrey fan. Well, that’s not entirely true…I have been a fan of her work as she has broken barriers for women and especially women of color in the worlds of business, entertainment, and media. But she and I differ greatly on matters of politics and faith.

Be that as it may, I believe that we can differ on subjects and still have respect for and appreciation for, and even (gulp) LIKE people with whom we disagree. (Maybe if more people adopted this attitude we would be able to make progress in the realm of politics).

I digress.  I have a great amount of respect for Oprah Winfrey’s work with literacy and promoting reading among adults. Her book club has inspired millions of women (and many men as well) to pick up novels that they would have overlooked otherwise. There is just something about that “Oprah Book Club” seal that draws many people in.

One of Oprah’s favorite and most talked about authors was Maya Angelou.  Now, to be fair, I have not read many of Angelou’s works, so I cannot say whether or not I am a fan. But, I do like many  of the inspirational quotes attributed to this lady, and I will likely pick up one of her books in the hear future.

It seems I am always looking for a good book to read, and often I find myself disappointed. I am not a literary snob by any means, I just have limited time and resources, so I want to spend it on good material. Now I can always go to the classics, but I also like reading modern authors. The problem is, with the ease of typing on a laptop, creating a blog, and self-publishing, it is harder than ever to weed through the junk and find good material.

So, this makes me wonder, who are today’s truly great writers? We may not know until decades after they have passed away. This is often the case with creative people…their works are often unappreciated until after their deaths. But in an age of Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and blogs and videos that go viral in an hour, it seems that it should be easier to discern the “greats.”

Then again, great literature is not made for instant gratification. It takes time to create, and more time to consume and appreciate.

So, I would like to ask: who do YOU think the great authors of today are? Whose works inspire and “speak” to you? We may not be able to answer this question accurately, but I am still interested…who do you think will have their works studied by our grandchildren and great-grandchildren?


2 thoughts on “Who are the “Greats”?

  1. Your words inspire and speak to me, therefore , to me, YOU are one of the great writers of our time!! I love you!!

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