Changes in the Works

When I started blogging a few years ago, my hope was to simply have a place to chronicle and share things that were happening in my life. My focus was just to vent, write when I felt like writing, and learn about the world of blogging. I was a stay-at-home mom living in Alaska with six children and my wonderful husband. My life was indeed blessed.

My life continues to be blessed, even as I look at the prospect of sending my oldest two children off to college in a few short months.  My younger children will all be in school for 5 days a week (half-days for my youngest next year) and we likely will be looking at another move with the military this time next year.

Things are changing, and they are changing quickly.

Change is inevitable in life. I actually welcome it. Having grown up in the military, I am used to it and thrive on the excitement that comes with change.

And so, I am, yet again, planning some changes with my blog. I want to make it more interesting, more relevant, and more readable. (Not to mention, more consistent!!)

Thank you for being a reader of my blog. If you have any tips, tricks, suggestions, or advice as I change up a few things, I would welcome them. And please be on the lookout for coming changes!