1.  Run a marathon

2.  Visit Asia

3.  Visit Australia

4.  Visit South America

5.  Visit Africa

6.  Work with an organization that fights human trafficking

7.  Run a successful business

8.  Get carpal tunnel surgery

9.  Learn to play guitar

10. Learn to play piano

11.  Compete in a fitness contest

12. Write a novel

13. Write a bestselling novel

14. Make money as a writer

15. Pay off all debt

16. Buy a ranch in Idaho

17. Learn to hunt (not just “go hunting”, but really learn)

18. Maintain a productive vegetable garden

19. Put my kids through college

20. Learn to fly an airplane

21.  Attend a blogging conference.

22.  Make a quilt

23.  Teach someone to crochet

24.  Have Carpal Tunnel Surgery

25.  Learn to Brew Beer

26.  Meet Diana Gabaldon

27.  Take a Gourmet Cooking Class

28.  Visit a Napa Winery

29.  Learn to Distinguish Wines

30.  Learn to ride horses


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