1. Visited Alaska

2. Saw the Northern Lights

3. Visited Rome and the Vatican (esp. Sistine Chapel)

4. Visited Paris

5. Visited Ireland

6. Skied in the Alps (okay, I took a ski lesson and kinda, sorta stood up on skis, but at least I looked cute and had my picture taken on the Zugspitze!)

7. Visited Poland (and stock up on Polish Pottery)

8. Visited Germany

9. Went to Disneyworld

10. Took a cruise of the Bahamas

11. Ran the Army 10-miler

12. Placed in a 5k (2nd in my age group)

13. Started a blog

14. Had articles published online

15. Took a writing workshop

16. Went deer hunting (got the biggest deer in the family that year!)

17. Visited NYC

18. Saw Broadway shows (Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, and Chicago so far)

19. Attended a Super Bowl

20. Visited National Memorials in Washington D.C.

21. Visited the Smithsonian

22. Visited New Orleans

23. Visited San Francisco

24. Earned my bachelor’s degree

25. Lost 30 lbs (need to do this one again!)



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