Other Hobbies: Crochet

With a husband who is often gone for months at a time and a transient lifestyle (both courtesy of the U.S. Army), 6 kids ranging in age from 17 down to 2, mountains of laundry, and plenty of writing on which to spend my time, you’d think I would be too busy to consider other hobbies.  And you are right.  I really don’t have time for anything else, if I want to do things well.

Yet, there are other hobbies that I enjoy just as much as writing (and sometimes more.)

One of my favorite hobbies is crochet.  The funny thing is, there are very few final products that I like. I’m not into the “tea cozy” thing, I’m picky about blankets, hats, and scarves. And I have yet to find a “granny square” that matches my taste.

But I love the process of crocheting. I love the variety of yarns and other fibers that can be hooked into useful creations. I enjoy the relaxing motion of putting the crochet hook through its repetitive bobbing motions. And I like the feel of taking something plain, like a ball of yarn, and making it into something useful…even if it is a tacky granny square afghan.

Still, as a practical mom and wife, I find myself getting annoyed at myself when I am not doing something “productive.”  I “should” be doing laundry, paying bills, cooking with the kids, working on an article, or running errands.  And yet, I find myself researching new patterns, textures, fibers, techniques, etc.

The practical side of me says “There is no money in crafting hobbies…why are you spending your valuable time on that when you need to figure out how to contribute to the household income?”  But the creative side of me says “How can you resist that adorable flower hat?  You HAVE to make that for your daughter.  After all, she won’t be a toddler forever!”

I’m trying to figure out balance and reconcile the things that I enjoy doing with the things that I need to do.  I think we all are trying to answer that question.

I’m curious to know: how do YOU incorporate the things that you love to do into your daily life and routine?